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Ingredients - Sour Cherry, Apple, Plum, Cinnamon, Sugar


Instructions - Simply add a spirit of your choice, let the fruit & herbs infuse for 4 weeks and then its ready to serve!


Serving Suggestions:

Add to your favourite mixer

Poured over ice

Add a dash to Prosecco


Once finished you can add the fruit to ice cream or make into ice cubes to enjoy later!


Please note no alcohol is sold with this product 

Winter Spice - 250ml

  • Winter Spice is a fruit infusion of Sour Cherries, Apples, Plums & Cinnanom which captures the essence of the winter season

    This fruit infusion is characterized by its sweet and spiced notes, making it a versatile addition to winter-themed drinks and a delightful treat for those seeking a flavourful, comforting beverage during the colder months.

    Available in 2 sizes - 250ml or 750ml

    **Please note NO ALCOHOL is sold with this product**

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